Our services and products primarily comprise of the following:
Tax training, Tax Consulting, Tax Compliance, Tax books and Tax Advisor On Call.


Tax Training

We customiseTax training for our clients in order to add as much value as is possible. Our training covers any tax-head that is chosen by our clients and include the following: Company Tax, Pay As You Earn, VAT, Other-withholding Taxes, Donations & Inheritance Tax (Capital Transfer Tax), Transfer Duty, Customs and Training levy. We foster understanding through engaging the learners during the training as well as self-assessment sessions at the end of each topic. We issue CPD certificates that are accepted by most accounting bodies in Botswana. Our trainer has been training Botswana Tax since 2012 and has to date facilitated over 50 Tax training sessions


Tax Consulting

- Tax Gap Analysis: We review your business systems against the provisions of the Tax Acts and provide you with detailed reports on any Tax gaps that exist as well as how to close the same. This minimizes Tax penalties and interest in case of an audit by the tax authority. We recommend that large organisations have at least 1 Tax Gap Analysis in a 4 year cycle.

- Tax Opinions: We provide written Tax opinions on different aspects that our clients may need clarity on. We analyse the client’s facts against the Tax laws and advise on the tax implications of their particular circumstances. We have offered Tax opinions on various occasions including, among others, the following: general Taxes applicable to businesses, sale and acquisition of businesses, Tax exemptions applicable to clients, the deductibility of expenses, Customs transactions, donations tax & inheritance taxes as well as Transfer duties.

- Taxman audits assistance: We offer assistance through audits by the taxman and help mainly in ensuring that you do not overpay taxes. We also assist in making submissions for reduction of Tax penalties and interest.

- Objections, penalty and interest waivers: We assist clients with objecting to assessments and decisions of the tax authority, requesting for penalty waivers and escalating matters to the Ministry responsible for Finance for Tax interest waivers.

- Any other Tax consulting services


Tax Compliance

- Tax return preparation & filing: Corporate Tax, PAYE, Other-withholding Tax, VAT, Donations & Inheritance Tax and Training levy                                                                              

- Tax clearance certificates

- Tax payments

- Tax reconciliations

- Any other Tax services


Tax Books

We have the following Tax books written by our Managing Tax Consultant, Jonathan Hore. The books are updated through addenda whenever there are changes to the Tax laws and they sell at the prices indicated against them, including VAT:

1. Income Tax in Botswana – A practical approach P 350.00
2. A Practical Guide to Value Added Tax P 250.00
3. PAYE in Botswana P 250.00
4. Withholding Taxes in Botswana – a simplified approach P 250.00
5. Tax for Financial Services Providers P 300.00
6. Fixed Property Taxes  P 250.00
4. Donations and Inheritance Tax                                       P 250.00
5. Tax in the News Vol 1 P 250.00
6. Tax Planning in BW- an analytical approach P 495.00

Tax Advisor On Call

This is a service which allows corporates and individuals to subscribe in order to get instant answers to Tax matters that they may face on a daily basis via sms, Whatsapp or emails. This not only allows our clients to save on heavy Tax consultancy bills but it has the convenience of giving them instant and real time Tax assistance. Prices for this service are negotiable.